Pine Bluff Downtown Development

Pine Bluff Downtown Development, Inc.

The UAPB Mural

The UAPB Mural was the second in Pine Bluff’s mural series, painted in 1994 by Dafford Mural Company of Lafayette, Louisiana. It is located on the wall of the former Cumberland Medical Clinic at West Second Avenue and Main Street and was dedicated to the education of African-Americans. It features key figures that laid the groundwork for the school. Joseph Carter Corbin, the original chancellor of Branch Normal College, who served from 1875 to 1902, is located in the oval design on the far right of the mural. In 1927, Branch Normal College transformed into Arkansas Agricultural, Mechanical, and Normal (Arkansas AM&N). John B. Watson, located at the top left of the mural, acquired leadership of the institution in 1928 and increased its enrollment from 36 to 474 students by the time of his death in 1942, with another 501 in its prep school. Dr. Lawrence Davis, Sr., is also featured on the bottom right of the extreme right panel.