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The Legend Behind the Saracen Mural

There is a legend up and down the Arkansas River about one of the last Quapaw Indians to live in Jefferson County. When two Pine Bluff children were taken from their mother by a band of marauding Chickasaw Indians, Saracen promised their safe return. He left in pursuit of the Chickasaws and overtook them downstream on the Arkansas River after waiting until they fell asleep and breaking the night stillness with the Quapaw war cry.  Saracen then returned two Pine Bluff children to their mother. When the Quapaw Indians left for Oklahoma in 1833, Saracen opted to stay in Pine Bluff, and his petition was granted. He lived his final days on the Arkansas River. When he passed, he was buried in the Old Town Cemetery, and transferred to the St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in 1888.