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The Heritage of Flight

During World War II, Grider Field opened its doors as a primary training field for Air Corps cadets. The Grider Field Mural showed its history in three presentations. On the far left, there was a World War I battle scene between a Royal Air Force SE-5 and German tri-wing Fokker. In the center, there was a rendition of the plane flown by Grider Field cadets, the Fairchild PT-19. The far right of the mural featured a Boeing B-17 bombers’ mission over Germany. The other planes’ names in that section were those that were flown by Pine Bluff pilots during WWII. They included Fyrtle Myrtle, Punchin Judy, Ram’s Razorbacks, Sweet Louise and Ridge Runner. Grider Field is named after John McGavock Grider, a north-east Arkansas native, who was killed in action June 1918. Unfortunately, the Grider Field Mural is no longer standing.