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In 1992, the first mural was painted at 3rd and Main in Pine Bluff, and was to become the first of thirteen original murals throughout the downtown area. The murals did not just happen; it took the dedication and hard work of a large group of people. Pine Bluff Downtown Development’s director organized the project. One original objective was to “create paintings from realistic versions of actual photographs to form an outdoor art gallery within the business district. The murals will vary in size and style but they will always be of Pine Bluff’s history.”

Pine Bluff’s murals are a source of pride and beauty, but a fading beauty as time passes. Unfortunately, two of the original murals, the Grider Field Heritage of Flight and Cotton Belt Railroad Mural, have been lost due to the loss of their host buildings. Pine Bluff Downtown Development has begun the slow and expensive process of restoring the remaining outdoor works of art. The Main Street Mural was stripped of its yellowing sealer and restored in 2013. In 2014, the Arkansas Flag Mural was repainted and is a beautiful site when traveling the Martha Mitchell Expressway. The conservation for the AM&N/UAPB Mural began in 2015 and funding is still being sought to complete the project.

Restoration and refurbishing of the murals is not an inexpensive or quick fix. Depending on the size and condition of the mural, and the condition of its host building, restoration can cost $15,000 to $40,000. Funding for these projects comes from individual and business contributions and grants.

Anyone interested in coordinating the funding efforts for restoration of a specific mural is encouraged to
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