Pine Bluff Downtown Development, Inc.

Pine Bluff Downtown Development

​There have been many successful projects and opportunities for Pine Bluff Downtown Development, Inc., over its two decades of existence as a non-profit organization. These successes have been achieved through public and private cooperation, collaboration and funding and are aimed toward the revitalization off the “heart of the city.” Downtown Development’s focus and mission is to improve and revitalize the central business district and to help deter the negative impact on economic development that a deterioration of the inner city can bring.

Since the inception of this organization in 1988, over 100 million dollars have been invested in the downtown by improvements of structural renovations and new construction. These projects include the highly visible art gallery of the beautiful murals, the construction of the Donald W. Reynolds Community Center, the construction of Saracen Landing on Lake Saracen, which includes the development of a five mile walking trail around the lake and a fun splash pad and park, and the continuation of business and property owners in investment of improvement to their buildings.

The City of Pine Bluff, along with Pine Bluff Downtown Development, is about to embark on a 6.4 million dollar streetscape project that will be a part of the Main Street corridor and down the entrance to Main Street from Barraque Street. This project will be used to jumpstart the downtown in making it a place where the whole community can come together to interact, to play, to work and to be entertained.

Remember, Main Street’s past is still the key to its future. A renewing of a downtown is a process. I invite you to be a part of this process as it is an exciting time to help be a part of future for this community.

​Message from the Director

​-Joy Blankenship, Executive Director